What is Solvers Market

Solvers Market is a website where you can get your questions in Science, Engineering, and Technology answered for FREE! We even pay our solvers to do this for you.

Why we are doing this

We know that everyone is different - some are specialists in engineering, others are good in computer science. Someone in math might take half an hour to solve a problem that would take an engineer a week. Solvers Market is here to bridge the gaps between experts. .

Why we are better than other websites or services

We connect real professionals in Science and Engineering because we want to help you avoid wasting time spending hours sifting through strange and irrelevant questions on Google or Yahoo Answers. We pay our solvers because...

Why we pay real cash for people to answer your questions

We have a chicken and egg problem: we have many bright solvers coming to our website but not enough questions for them. Advertising is expensive, so we decided instead to commit to paying for any good answer that is posted on our website. The result is a great deal for you - you get an expert's answer for free!

How does it work?

You post your question here. The question stays on the website until it expires in 2 days. Every question is worth 10 credits to the solvers. If your question is answered in 2 days, the 10 credits are automatically transferred to the solver's account. Solvers can later withdraw their credits for real money.

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Ask Questions

Solvers Market is the best place to ask technical questions. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced nerd you will find what you need here. Solvers Market was made by a team of PhDs, and we are using our skills to serve you better.

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Get Answers

Take a break and relax until a solver answers your question. If something is not clear, ask for more details by commenting below the answer. Ensure that you get a high-quality solution before accepting an answer. Pay attention to solvers' rankings and their experience level.


Earn Rewards

Whether you ask questions or solve problems, you can earn credits with us. Credits are the Solvers Market currency. For a limited time you get bonus credits whenever you post a question. When you answer a question well you will get credits for the answer. Once you accumulate enough credits you can exchange them for real money.

The Founders

Alex, PhD

Head of Everything

Nikolay, PhD

Head of Marketing

Victor, just MSc

Head of Development
Solvers Market in the media

Solvers Market in the media